Emdad Khodro Kanoon

Emdad Khodro is a intelligent software which connects roadside assistant and driver who needs assistance.

Emdad Khodro is a fast and simple software to request assistance.

Service request Could be placed in two ways: Car tow and Car repair in place.

After determination of location the closest roadside assistant dispatched to provide services.

Emdad Khodro Advantages

  • Fast and easy Accessibility
  • Simple functionality
  • Estimation of towing and repair expense.

SAKKOOK, A Business to Business Platform

In addition to providing of B2B and B2C platform SAKKOOK provides SCF, SCM and LM to her members. Provisions of financial Solutions in Supply Chain based on Blockchain technology and transition of electronic bills in independent transactions are Some of new services provided by SAKKOOK.


AZAD EXPO Is a joint venture with Islamic Azad University. AZAD EXPO is a Fan Market dedicated for Azad University users club to supply goods and services of Azad University fin techs.


SEKKE KALA, A joint venture with Post Bank which provides access to digital market for the people who are living in rural or less developed regions. SEKKE KALA provides expert agents to place order or deliver goods to the people who have no computer skills.

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